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Acquired by HelpSystems in 2016, the TeamQuest Corporation had decades of experience in disciplines like performance management and capacity planning, steadfastly focused on helping IT contribute greater value to the business.

Thousands of customers around the world rely on TeamQuest software to do effective capacity management: minimizing risk and costs and maximizing value and uptime.

TeamQuest used to provide four products, all dedicated to an aspect of capacity management. Today, those solutions are all included in a single product with a unified interface called Vityl Capacity Management. While the solution is already ahead of the market in many ways, HelpSystems continues to develop and improve the product to serve customers' needs and make capacity management a doable discipline.

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What is Capacity Management?


Capacity management is the practice of ensuring you have enough IT resources to meet your business demands without overspending. 

IT capacity management solutions give you the tools you need to optimize your entire hybrid IT infrastructure—physical, virtual, cloud, and containers. Get insight into your infrastructure, plan for future needs with accuracy, and prevent problems before they occur. 

Capacity Management Services

How You’ll Benefit from Capacity Management Services

  • Optimize IT capacity and performance
  • Avoid downtime and service disruptions
  • Meet service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Leave the in-depth analysis up to the experts
  • Get the most out of your software

Ready to get started with a capacity management practice? We can help you identify the starting point and implement a solution that will help you maximize uptime.