Network Automation

Network automation aims to take manual effort out of the configuration, management, and operations of devices within your network. A network automation solution allows your business to streamline processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors. HelpSystems offers a suite of network automation solutions that can transform your business by automating your most tedious, manual processes. 

In 2014, HelpSystems completed the acquisition of Network Automation Inc. (NAI) and its award-winning automation software platform, Automate. Today, this network automation software continues to provide business process automation for organizations around the world on Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM i, and other platforms.

The Automate suite of products is comprised of three types of network automation software:

Automate Desktop
Easily configurable robots for desktop automation
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Automate Plus
Scalable RPA solution for comprehensive enterprise automation
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Automate Ultimate
All the power of Automate Plus, with unlimited bots and studios

Why Should You Choose Automate?

  • Easy to Install - Get up and running with automation in minutes, not days
  • Intuitive and Code-free - IT and business users alike can easily drag-and-drop their way to smart automated tasks
  • Event-Driven Triggers - Kick off a workflow based on an event like a file arrival or an update to a database
  • Improved Accuracy - Eliminate human error from your processes and get notified instantly if anything goes wrong


Our Commitment to You

Software, Services, and Support That Make Your Life Easier

Our commitment to you is simple. You’re looking for a better way to automate, secure, and inform. Through reliable software, expert services, and outstanding support, we give you a better way, solving your business problems and making your life easier. Our software simplifies everyday operations to help you save time and cut costs. Our experts guide you to hit your goals. And whenever you have a question, our calls are answered the old-fashioned way: by a live member of our experienced support team.  


“Automate revolutionized what we’re doing. We went from publishing a few dozen books a year to hundreds of books a year.”

George Kiraz
President and Co-Owner
Gorgias Press

"Now Automate Schedule manages the schedule and we save 4 to 5 hours a day and get everything finished on time."

Data Warehouse and Reporting Services Manager
Automate Schedule User

“We use a lot of good products, but the level of service that Automate provides is unprecedented.”

Marni Jessie
Manager of Technical Support Services