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Getting Started

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Get a Complete View of Your Environment

With Intermapper, you can monitor anything with an IP address—whether physical or virtual—to get a complete view of your environment. Intermapper offers the rich features you need to improve network reliability and reduce operating costs, in an easy-to-use tool. Whether your network is building-wide, campus-wide, or worldwide, with Intermapper, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your network.


How to Install Intermapper
How to Configure the Intermapper Data Center
How to Create and Customize Intermapper Maps
Create Alerts and Notifications

 A notifier is the way Intermapper alerts someone about an event. Every time Intermapper detects a change in a device or interface state (from OK, Critical, Warning, Alarm, Down, or some other state), it can trigger a notification/alert. Intermapper has notifiers for sounds, sending email, sending pager and SMS messages, and running scripts.

Things to Try

  • Create a notifier from Edit > Server Settings. Scroll to the Notifier List, and click the + at the lower left corner.
  • Choose from various notification types: email, text/SMS messages, pager, sounds, sending a trap or syslog, sound, running a command-line script, etc.
  • Adjust the Notifier Schedule to change when alerts will be sent.
  • Attach the notifier to a device by right-clicking on a device, selecting Device Notifiers, and checking the boxes for state transitions that should trigger alerts.
  • Attach the notifier to an interface by clicking on an interface, selecting Interfaces > Notifiers Window, and checking the boxes for state transitions that should trigger alerts.
Enabling Remote Access