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Find out how you can fix network issues even faster with automation.


Automate Network Activities

Use Automate for Intermapper to execute network management tasks automatically in response to alerts. When both tools are deployed on the same machine, you can automate manual activities like restarting down devices, deploying backups, collecting log files, and more.

Before You Start, You Must:

  • Install Intermapper and Automate on the same machine.
  • Run the products on the Windows platform.
  • Run Automate version 11 and Intermapper version 6 or later.

Once Intermapper and Automate are both installed on the same machine:

  1. Open Intermapper, and go to Edit > Server Settings.
  2. Under Automate, check the Enabled box.
  3. Create Intermapper notifiers and Automate tasks,  

Next steps:

  • Create Intermapper notifiers that can trigger Automate tasks. Learn how.
How to Run Automation Tasks from Intermapper Alerts

When you combine the power of Intermapper network monitoring with automation from HelpSystems Automate, you can easily create a self-healing network. Learn how the two products can work together.

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