Document Management (RJS)

Document Management (RJS) helps companies go paperless by digitally managing the entire lifecycle of their documents and data. Today, companies rely on Document Management (RJS) to help them streamline their processes, save money, and boost productivity.

Document Management—formerly known as RJS Software Systems—provides forms and document management solutions for the cloud, Windows, and IBM i. With Document Management software, you can electronically capture, manage, and distribute all of your documents and data.

What is Document Management?

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Who Needs Document Management?

As documents are continuously created for internal and external use, companies look to electronic document management software to help them keep track of their documents and cut down on paper.

Professionals in a variety of industries—including education, government, healthcare, hospitality and gaming, manufacturing and distribution, maintenance and repair, and retail—count on Document Management to speed up their processes, store their documents, and increase efficiency.

Often, departments like accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and human resources (HR) are starting points for document management initiatives.

Document Management (RJS) Products

RPG2SQL Integrator

Data Integration Software for Windows and IBM i

IBM i Office Integrator

Application Integration Software for Windows and IBM i

HelpSystems Document Scanning

Document Scanning and Digital Storage Software for Windows and IBM i

HelpSystems Process & Workflow Management

Process and Workflow Management Software for Windows and IBM i

HelpSystems Data Capture

Data Capture Software for Windows and IBM i

HelpSystems Document Creation & Assembly

Document Creation and Assembly Software for Windows and IBM i

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