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Stop wasting valuable time on repetitive tasks—turn to automation software

Boost your productivity with cost-effective, easy-to-use automation software that transforms virtually any business or IT process and brings together the applications that keep your business running. 

Automate offers scalable automation capabilities whether you need an RPA solution for one department, a small business, or an enterprise-wide Center of Excellence (CoE) initiative—Automate is built for the needs of any organization. 


Automate Plus

Scalable RPA with enterprise features like API integration, role-based security, workflows, and more.
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Automate Ultimate

All the functionality of Automate Plus—with unlimited bots and studios—for CoE driven automation.
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Automate Desktop

Employee-driven automation to handle multiple, manual tasks for personal productivity gains.
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Automate Intelligent Capture

Intelligent process automation with OCR capabilities to capture and extract complex document data. 

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What Makes Automate Different?

Automate is built and priced right to offer scalable automation software that solves real problems, delivers value faster, and helps achieve automation success—all within a single solution. With superior flexibility and scalability, go from basic automated tasks to full enterprise-level deployment. We’ve got you covered for wherever you want to go—and everything in between.


Where Can Automate Help?

Transform complex, mission-critical IT and business processes to bring true digital transformation to your organization, no matter your industry or department. Automation software handles the repetitive processes that keep your company moving so you can optimize resources, reduce errors, and save valuable time. Here are some of the ways Automate is helping customers across many industries and business processes: 

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Automate Banking


Automate complicated, time-consuming processes at your financial institution like compliance reporting, account closures, and loan bundling.

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Automate Mortgage Processing

Mortgage Processing

Reduce the time from application to close. Use bots to connect legacy and modern applications and automatically create, update, retrieve, and archive loan documents.

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Automate Recorder

Step Recorder

Easily build UI automation for desktop and browser-based applications, with the right balance of flexibility and power for real-world, complex recordings.

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Automate Healthcare


Bring together disparate systems to automate high-volume processes like claims processing, patient record transfers, billing, and appointment scheduling.

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Automate AP

Accounts Payable (AP)

Transform AP processes with automated invoice processing, account reconciliation, late payment notifications, and auto-generated regulatory reports.

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API Automation

API and Native Integrations

Powerful out-of-the-box integrations with the applications that keep your business running like Microsoft, VMware, AWS, APIs, and more.

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Where Automate Helps Row 3

Automate HR

Human Resources (HR)

Integrate with ADP, Kronos, PeopleSoft, Active Directory, and more, to automate processes like on and offboarding, payroll, report generation, and workforce management.

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Automate User Provisioning

User Provisioning

Easily provision users on various applications like Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and more, to streamline the creation and management of user accounts.

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Machine Learning Automation

Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation

Expand your automation to include tasks where more critical thinking is needed for easier handling of structured and unstructured data.

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Explore Automate Solutions

Every organization has their own unique automation needs—and Automate has a solution to meet them. Whether you need desktop automation for a single user, enterprise automation to transform multiple tasks and workflows, or intelligent automation for advanced document processing and classification, our solution set can help you meet your automation goals.

Automate Plus

Automate Plus RPA

Get the power of robotic process automation plus business process automation to automate tasks across multiple people, departments, and processes.

Automate Plus is installed on one or multiple machines and brings together the legacy systems, modern applications, databases and more that you rely on for day-to-day work. With enterprise features like API, role-based security, machine learning, and a workflow designer, easily build scalable, end-to-end automation.

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Automate Ultimate

Automate Ultimate unlimited bots

Supercharge the great features of Automate Plus with unlimited bots and studios that can deliver a bot to every employee. Power your automation center of excellence (CoE) by eliminating the top challenge of scalability to unlock your full automation potential.

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Automate Desktop

Automate Desktop

Boost personal productivity for a single user with robotic desktop automation. Automate Desktop lives on a single machine for small-scale automation with big results. Streamline the manual processes slowing you down like logging into websites, pulling data, transferring files, and more.

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Automate Intelligent Capture

Automate smarter with intelligent document processing powered by unassisted machine learning and artificial intelligence. Combine OCR with a robust classification and categorization engine that enables organizations to extend their automation capabilities and maintain control of critical information with more speed and accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tasks be created without injecting any code, including integration with APIs?

Yes. Automate offers codeless automation with 600+ pre-built automation actions, and several native integrations like Microsoft, AWS, VMWare, and more.

Am I restricted to how many tasks I can execute?

No. Automate lets you quickly build and deploy bots with concurrent execution of tasks.

Am I restricted to attended vs. unattended automation?

No. Automate lets you quickly build and deploy bots as attended or unattended.

Am I restricted to placing the Automate software in the cloud?

No. Automate software can be installed on your desktop (Automate Desktop), your network (Automate Plus/Ultimate) or within your cloud environment.

Does Automate have a recorder?

Yes, the Automate Recorder allows you to quickly and easily build, accelerate, and distribute automation for desktop and browser-based applications.

Does Automate have role-based security and a secure, encrypted vault for storing credentials?
Yes. Automate Plus/Ultimate includes enterprise-grade security features that let you build more secure bots with greater control over user access and workflows.
Do you have “connectors” available to download?

Yes. The Automate Bot Store has many free connector bots available to download such as bots for SAP, Zendesk, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and more—and we’re constantly adding to our offerings.

Does Automate have an API?

Yes, with Automate Plus/Ultimate.

Will I need dedicated developers to build and maintain our bots with coding?

No, automation can be built and deployed quickly—no coding required. Without jeopardizing power, Automate is easy-to-use, with drag-and-drop functionality and a step recorder.

If we start with Automate Desktop, can we easily scale up to an enterprise level without changing the automation logic?

Yes. We make it easy to expand your automation while keeping your existing workflows as you grow from Automate Desktop to our enterprise versions, Automate Plus/Ultimate.

Are there any hidden costs associated with the core Automate software?
No. With Automate there are no hidden costs, unlike the competition that often requires additional investment, add-on modules, or licensing structures based on a per-bot or per-process method—which can all quickly take away from your ROI.

Education & Community Resources

Automate is more than just software—our team is your trusted partner in automation. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand, we offer expert resources and support, as well as a customer-exclusive community—Automation Insiders—to help you achieve success on your RPA journey.

Have a Project in Mind?

Let’s chat. Our automation experts are happy to offer free consultation on how to approach your specific automation initiatives.