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Creating software robots, workflows, and tasks has never been easier. Start with some of our most popular processes below or use the steps as building blocks to customize your own flows.

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Sample Tasks and automation workflow examples, uploaded by HelpSystems employees and customers, highlight and demonstrate specific features of Automate and Automate Enterprise.

Workflows and Tasks Templates

Workflows and Tasks Templates

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Use Two Regular Phones to Make a Skype Call

Enter two phone numbers, then calls both of them using Skype and connects the calls together

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Using the split function to parse a text file

The sample program writes out a table text file to be used as input

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Validate User Input (The LIKE Operator)

Validates the user's input of an e-mail address using LIKE operator 

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Variable Multiplication

How to multiply the initial value of two variables using 'Set Variable' action and display the results

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Verify an E-mail Address Using SMTP

Uses the terminal actions to verify a e-mail address with out having to send the person an e-mail

Email VIEW
VMware: Create and Manage your VM Snapshots

Create new snapshots of your VM(s) every day, and then deletes snapshots that are older than 10 days

Vmware Host VIEW
Windows Explorer Options Box

Gives the user an options box with different folders to select from

Functions (Basic) VIEW
WMI Trigger for Notepad Process

How to use the WMI Trigger to identify if Notepad is running

Workflow Loop Sample (workflow)

How a workflow loops through a shared dataset using evaluation object and NO loops within the tasks

Workflow VIEW
XML File From Dataset

Create current process information datasets, converts them to XML and then writes them to file


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