Validate User Input (The LIKE Operator)

Validates the user's input of an e-mail address using LIKE operator 

When automating tasks, it is important to know if the data you are receiving is valid. For example if you need the user to enter a date and they do not do it properly, this could cause your task to error out and thus not complete the task that you need done. That is why the LIKE operator is so important.

What is the LIKE operator?
The operator matches a string to a pattern. The pattern is made up of special characters that represent characters or numbers.
? Match any single character.
* Match zero or more characters.
# Match a single digit (0-9).
[charlist] Match any char in the list.
[!charlist] Match any char not in the list.
Where can I use the LIKE operator?
The LIKE operator is normally used in Flow action such as IF..THEN actions. But because it return True(-1) or False(0), it could be used anywhere. It can also be used in BASIC scripts.

This example validates the user's input of an e-mail address.

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Functions (Basic)