Task Step Builder

Quickly build steps in Automate Task Builder that would normally take a while to build

This task does exactly what its name implies. It helps to quickly build steps in Automate Task Builder that normally go together or would normally take a while to build. Some options can even utilize preset constant variables to increase their usefulness.

The steps range from adding basic variables at the beginning of a task build to setting up select case options and adjusting dialogue boxes to work with selections (OK,Cancel; Yes,No,Cancel;etc.) or developing option boxes from a list of records in a dataset.

This task makes creating new tasks fast and much more fun!

Automate programmers can:
*Save steps to file and recall them again while creating other tasks.
*Write basic SQL code
*Add Error handling to steps that don't already have this option selected and defined.
*It can even set up a Network Task Management system for smaller groups that do not utilize Enterprise but would still like to share tasks between Automate 6 users. After this is set up, the Step builder can insert network task triggers quickly into any task.

Task Category:

Functions (Basic)