Network Task Manager (Automate 6)

Set up a system to share and manage tasks across network

This task helps the users of a small network (2-4 Automate users/programmers) set up a system to share and manage tasks across their network.

It will help them create a number of tasks automatically, which they can then manage, edit, or run, and which can also trigger the Task Manager from their machines.

Each network task can be edited on a single machine and saved back to the network quickly and easily. Tasks can be duplicated from a user's managed tasks and saved and renamed as a network task. The Task Manager lists options for running, editing, updating, creating, or deleting tasks. From the "edit", "run", and "delete" options, all the network tasks are displayed for selection. All network tasks are .txt files that are copied, which in turn replaces the text of the "edit task", "run task", or "manage task" options located on the user's machine. Even the Task Manager is a managed task that can be edited across the network!

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Functions (Basic)