Logfile Monitor - Check for Keywords and Report

Create a logfile monitor to check for keywords and reports

This task can be run either two ways: by adding a file trigger to it, which is the most common way, or by pressing the "RUN" button manually.

When the task is run manually it will ask the operator to select a file, or the var strLogfile can be populated with a default initial value.

The task uses a POS-file (Positioning file) and a KWF-file (Keyword file) per logfile. The POS-file is used to store a pointer that will tell the task where to start when processing the logfile. The KWF-file is used to store the keywords that will be checked. When the KWF-file only contains a "*", all lines added to the logfile will be reported.

Although the POS-file and the KWF-file have the same name as the logfile, they have different extensions so that it is possible to store these files in one location by giving the var strStatusFilesPath a default initial value. By default, these files will be created in the same location as the logfile.

When the task finds lines containing one or more keywords from the KWF-file, those lines can be emailed or written to a new outputfile.

This is an excellent way to scan a logfile very quickly for critical error messages.

Task Category:

Web Service