FTP - Sync (subtask)

Synchronizes a FTP folder with a local folder

This (subtask) synchronizes a FTP folder with a local folder. It will download only the files that have been modified since the last download.
You can call this task from a parent task. In the parent task you have to create and set these two vars: cLocalFilePath (=local downloadroot) and cRemoteFilePath (remote FTP folder to check) and then you can call this task. Like this:
cLocalFilePath = C:\Temp
cRemoteFilePath = C:\Data\d1
Start this subtask and files from C:\Data\d1 (remote) to C:\Temp\C\Data\d1 if modified.
After that you can do this again for another FTP folder:
cLocalFilePath = C:\Temp
cRemoteFilePath = C:\Data\d1\sub
This subtask downloads only files not subdirs. For subdirs you have to call this task again within the parent task.

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