Copy Data From One Excel to Another

Copy data from one Excel workbook to another

This task will simply copy data from one Excel workbook to another. It will demonstrate the use of some available 'Excel' actions in Automate. The individual steps are as follows: 

1. Opens a Microsoft Excel workbook and attaches a session name 'ExcelSess1' for use in other Excel actions (this workbook holds the data). 
2. Opens another Excel workbook named 'ExcelSess2' in which the data will be copied to. 
3. Populates a dataset with a selected range of cells from session name 'ExcelSess1'.
4. Sets the text of a selected cell range in an established Excel session with the values contained in a dataset. 
5. Ends the loop. 

For this task to work properly, please copy the attached Excel documents to your C:\ drive or modify the appropriate steps of the task to the correct path. If completed successfully, the task should retrieve the data from the first Excel sheet and copy it to the second Excel sheet, all within a few seconds

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