Automate Backup

Create a backup of Automate and all of its task files

This task will create a backup of Automate and all of its task files. What this script does is creates two different backups each time it is run. The first backup is performed using the Automate backup step. The second part is to backup all of the Automate task files, scripts, modules, etc. that are stored in the Automate tasks directory into a zip file. The script assumes the following:

1. Backups are stored in the directory {TasksDir}\Backups.
2. Backups created using the Automate step are stored in {TasksDir}\Backups\App.
3. Backups of the Automate tasks files, modules, etc. are stored in {TasksDir}\Backups\User.
4. All backup files are named with the current month, day, hour, and minute that the file was created.
5. Backups are kept for a total of 60 days and then are deleted if older than that.

Each of the above assumptions are controlled by variables that you can change at will. If you want to change the number of days that the backup files are created, change the variable DaysToKeep.

You can setup a schedule trigger for this task and have it run every day to create backups of your entire Automate settings, task files, and any user files that you may place in the Automate tasks directory.

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