Infrastructure and Best Practices Automation Assessment

Power your automation center of excellence with robust systems and infrastructure

Enterprise-class automation requires enterprise-class architecture and processes. If you are an Automate user with a growing library of automation, we can help you make the best choices for building out your supporting infrastructure. The Infrastructure and Best Practices Automation Assessment will put you on the path to creating an automation Center of Excellence.

How Does the Automation Assessment Work?

A Technical Automation Expert from HelpSystems will spend two days onsite assessing your current automation and environment. To prepare for the assessment, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire and schedule meetings with the appropriate representatives.

The goal is to maximize your automation ROI and ensure enterprise readiness for automation. The assessment will help you:

  • Implement best practices for continued development, performance, and security
  • Identify areas for improvement in your existing automation
  • Choose the optimal approach for automating your workflows
  • Create a roadmap to adopting an automation center of excellence

What Will We Receive from the Assessment?

Your in-depth assessment report will include discussion of your current infrastructure and recommendations for moving forward. Once the report is complete, we will present a 45-minute Automation Assessment virtual presentation to share our findings and recommendations and to review next steps.

Optimize your automation Center of Excellence with an Infrastructure and Best Practices Automation Assessment.

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