Implementation Services

Perfectly fit your solution to your business goals

Our Implementation Services ensure that you have a successful installation of Automate that’s ready for immediate use. One of our experienced Technical Solutions Consultants will work closely with your staff to ensure that your implementation meets your requirements.

How do Implementation Services Work?

The services are rolled out in four phases, and can be conducted on-site as well as through online web sessions.

Phase One: Project Kickoff

  • Receive a meeting invite from your Sales Rep to meet your Project Manager
  • Assemble your internal team (project lead, technical resource, subject matter expert)
  • Review timelines and objectives with your Project Manager

Phase Two: Pre-Implementation Coordination

  • Meet your Project Manager (your primary contact for the implementation) and Implementation Consultant
  • Discuss your processes and requirements with the Project Manager
  • Provide detailed information about your systems and processes
  • Grant the Implementation Consultant remote access to your systems
  • Evaluate and approve your Automate design, statements of work, and timeline

Phase Three: Implementation

  • Check in on the status of your implementation during regularly scheduled meetings
  • Determine ownership of the implementation actions
  • Evaluate and approve changes to the Automate design, statements of work, and timeline (as needed)
  • Validate readiness for production (including testing and completion of implementation actions)

Phase Four: Solution Goes Live

  • Go over technical documentation with your Project Manager
  • Get information on contacting HelpSystems Support (your primary contact for questions, best practices, and more)
  • Enjoy streamlined IT and business processes automation

Ensure a successful implementation of Automate that meets your organization's core requirements. 

Automate also offers automation assessments, training, and more.