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GUI automation for Windows, Linux, and IBM i.

Sometimes, the only way to enter into and extract information from an application is through its user interface. GUI automation is a way to mimic user actions, like mouse and keyboard input, to automate processes involving clicks, field inputs, image recognition, and scrolling. While not considered the most elegant method for automation, sometimes GUI automation is the only alternative.

For users faced with this challenge, Automate provides the most complete set of tools for intelligent GUI automation and macros. With Automate's no-code, drag-and-drop approach to task development, creating complex macros has never been easier. Automate provides dozens of tools for manipulating windows, clicking links, and incorporating logic based on the status of windows.

We needed to automate our processes to keep our labor costs under control, minimize the potential for human error, and ensure we meet our customers' expectations.

Ron Evans
Director of Data Center Operations
Vestcom International
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