Excel Automation

Go beyond macros with enterprise-class automation for all your Excel processes


Across businesses of all sizes and across industries, one tool is ubiquitous—the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We love Excel for its ability to organize and analyze data, but hate the time we spend copying and pasting values or reformatting documents. Automating Excel can take tedious spreadsheet work off your hands, but the most common type of Excel automation—macros—is both risky and hard to scale.  

There’s a better way.

Automate can automatically execute the same steps you would perform when working with spreadsheets, such as formatting cells or updating values. Using Automate can drastically reduce the time required to complete an entire Excel process, while also eliminating errors. Already automating Excel with macros? Automate can run your existing Excel macros, adding enterprise-level functionality and security features.

Best of all, you can integrate your Excel tasks with other processes across the enterprise. For example, generate a spreadsheet from information in a database, encrypt and compress the file, and transfer it to a partner via FTP—all without any manual effort.

Did You Know...

Automate's Excel Action includes 10 activities—building blocks for your automated workflows. 

Activate worksheet

Add worksheet

Close workbook

Get active worksheet

Get cell(s)

Get selected cell(s)

Open/Create workbook

Run macro

Select cell(s)

Set cell(s)

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