Automated Data Scraping & Extraction

Extract and transform your business-critical data with automated data scraping and screen scraping



Modern businesses run on data. However, if the source of the data is unstructured, extracting what you need can be labor-intensive. For example, you may want to pull information from the body of incoming emails, which have no pre-determined structure. Especially important for today’s enterprises is gleaning data from the web. Using traditional methods, web data extraction can involve creating custom processing and filtering algorithms for each site. Then you might need additional scripts or a separate tool to integrate the scraped data with the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Your busy employees don’t have time for that. Any company that handles a high volume of data needs a comprehensive automation tool to bridge the gap between unstructured data and business applications.

Automated Web Data Extraction with Automate

Automate’s sophisticated web data extraction, transformation, and transport tools keep your critical data moving without the need for tedious manual tasks or custom script writing. Automate data extraction can be used with:

Web browsers





Microsoft Exchange



ODBC/OLE Database Queries and Transactions

Before you can automate systems, networks, and applications, you need access to databases. Automate provides the tools for database access, queries, and transactions with all ODBC/OLE databases. With data access, you can leverage the power of Automate's other automation tools to streamline IT and business processes.

Did You Know…

After Automate extracts data, you can further automate your business processes by sending the data directly into documents, reports, or other business applications without any additional manual tasks or code writing. For example, Automate can:

  • Screen scrape data from AS/400 to populate to Excel reports
  • Extract data from PDF orders to enter into ERP systems
  • Collect data from multiple websites to get market pricing information for eCommerce
  • Bypass CAPTCHAs to collect financial data from multiple banking websites
  • Read emails for specific content to automate a reply
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