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Chapter 7 | Automate Triggers

Learn how to set up a window trigger that can trigger a task based on a window opening, closing, or becoming focused or not. Pat Cameron, Director of Automation, walks you through the basics of the window trigger. In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Select the window and have Automate bring in the attributes of the window to monitor
  • Determine the objects in a window that can be monitored
  • Trigger recovery tasks or trigger a task to notify a system administrator based on the actions of a certain window

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Pat:           Let's take a look at the window trigger that can be used to trigger a task based on a window opening, closing, becoming focused or not. Also triggers once when the window is first opened. You've got an option there. Use the magnifier to find the window that you're looking for, and then like in other tasks, Automate will bring [00:00:30] in the attributes of that window. You can search by window title, other attributes as well, class, and handle, and then you can also look at the contents of that window and other objects that might be there.

                                This is useful if you're maybe monitoring servers back in the IT department, and maybe an application tends to get some kind of an error and pop it up on the screen. Automate can watch for that error message, [00:01:00] and then, depending again on other attributes of that window, trigger some type of an error recovery task, or trigger a task to notify the system administrator so they become aware of that error right away. And you can add some delays, enable or disable that trigger just like other ones. So, that is the window trigger. Hopefully you'll find it useful, specifically for monitoring servers.

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