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File Transfer Automation

Chapter 5 | Automate Tasks

Learn how to create tasks that complete automated file transfers. This is a guided tutorial on creating a managed file transfer task in Automate. In this video you’ll learn:

  • How Automate can use logic to sort, compress and encrypt, and move files via FTP
  • How to set the file source, where the results output, and the file transfer location

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[Voiceover:] Today we are going to walk through a managed file transfer task. Managed file transfer can encompass a lot of different areas. So for this video we will show how Automate can use logic to store files, compress and encrypt files, and then finally move them via FTP. Let's break down the task, shall we? [00:00:30] You'll see these highlighted steps are going through all the files in a directory, and then using logic to sort by file type. Automate will only source text and CSV files. Everything else will be ignored. The next piece, we'll take the folders containing those sorted files and compress them. After that Automate will take those to compressed folders and encrypt them using PGP. [00:01:00] And lastly, we'll take those encrypted files and move them to a FTP location. Before we run this task, let's briefly show where Automate is grabbing the source files from. Where it will be outputting the results and the FTP server. Here are the files Automate will loop through and sort by type. Again, you'll see a lot of file types in here from text, CSVs, Excel files, but only CSVs and text will be processed. [00:01:30] Here's the destination directory where all the results will be.

And here is the FTP location the files will be moved to. Let's go ahead and run the task. This task will take less than a minute to process. Once it is complete, we can take a look at the various [00:02:00] outputs. Here is our destination folder, which has the files sorted into newly created folders. The compressed folders. And finally the encrypted folders. [00:02:30] And lastly, we can check our FTP server. You'll see the files have arrived successfully. It looks like the Automate task processed everything as expected. Thanks for watching.


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