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Chapter 10 | Automate Tasks

Learn how to create a task that lets Automate monitor an email inbox. This guided tutorial shows you how to set up a task that is triggered when an email arrives with a certain filter. In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Automate to grab data about an email, download any attachments, and read the data from the attachment file
  • Set up a task that will include every step for email capture

Watch this chapter now to learn how to get started.



Voiceover:           In today's video, we are going to look at how Automate can monitor an email inbox. This task will trigger when an email arrives with a certain filter. For this example, we will be looking at the subject of an email containing [00:00:30] Automate 101. Now, once triggered, Automate will grab data about the email, download any attachments, and then read some data from the attachment file. [00:01:00] Before we run this task, it's a good idea to go through some of the different pieces related to this process.

                                Here is the subfolder under my inbox that Automate is monitoring. When the email shows up in this folder with the specific subject we are looking for, the task will automatically trigger off. Here is the folder where Automate will save all the attachments to. And this is the file that will be attached to the email. As part of this task, Automate [00:01:30] will also read from this file after it is saved.

                                Let's go ahead and send myself an email so we can watch the task trigger. As you can see, the email just arrived, so in a few seconds, you'll see the task trigger off. Here it goes. It's now running. And what it's doing is doing kind of how we discussed, right? It is downloading that attachment file. It is reading data from that attachment file and will open it up and visually show it to us.

                                [00:02:00] Here, you can see the attached file is open and Automate has grabbed some data from that file. You can also see the email that arrived in my inbox. And lastly, the saved attachment file is here in this directory. Thanks again for watching, and please continue through the rest of Automate Academy for more helpful tutorials.

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