Automate Desktop

Spreadsheet Automation

Chapter 4 | Automate Essentials

Automate’s spreadsheet actions enable creation and management of spreadsheets without requiring Microsoft Excel to be installed on the system.

Discover how to use Automate’s spreadsheet automation actions for common spreadsheet use cases in Microsoft Excel or OpenDocument Spreadsheet. These include spreadsheet generation and other basic file formatting features, as well as a number of advanced features such as importing and exporting spreadsheet data, reading, writing, and modifying XLSX, XLS, ODS, and CSV. In each part of this chapter, you’ll learn how to:

  • Part 1: Create and write data to a spreadsheet
  • Part 2: Open and read data from a spreadsheet
  • Part 3: Run Excel macros and transform dynamic data

Follow along with the Spreadsheet Automation Workbook as you watch all three parts to learn more about spreadsheet automation.

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