Product Certification

HelpSystems offers product certification for the following brands:

HelpSystems offers product certification for the following brands:

  • Robot
  • Sequel
  • Powertech
  • Automate
  • CCSS
  • Bytware

To become product certified, you must pass a timed, online, multiple-choice test covering all aspects of the product. The cost of the test is $49 per product. Upon passing this test, you will be product certified in the selected product.

How to Request Your Test

To request a product certification test or to ask questions about fees, scheduling, and other test details please contact our services team.

Product Certifications Available

You can become product certified in any of the following products:

Robot Alert

Robot Autotune

Robot Client

Robot Console

Robot Corral

Robot CPA

Robot Easy View

Robot LPAR

Robot Network

Robot Replay

Robot Reports

Robot Save 11

Robot Save 12

Robot Schedule 10

Robot Schedule 11

Robot Schedule EnterpriseOne Interface

Robot Space 3

Robot Transform

Robot Trapper

Robot UPS 3


  • Dashboards
  • Client Tables
  • Host Report ViewPoint Interface
  • Host Table ViewPoint Interface
  • Script ViewPoint Interface
  • Variables ViewPoint Interface
  • Views ViewPoint Interface
  • Script Logic
  • View Logic
  • Host Report Logic
  • Host Table Logic
  • Script Green Screen Interface
  • Variables Green Screen Interface
  • Views Green Screen Interface

Sequel Web Interface

Sequel Anydate

Sequel Esend

Sequel Abstract

Bytware MessengerPlus

Bytware StandGuard Anti-Virus

CCSS QMessage Monitor

CCSS QSystem Monitor

Powertech Authority Broker

Powertech Compliance Monitor

Powertech Data Thread

Powertech Interact

Powertech Network Security

Powertech Power Admin

Automate Schedule

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