Unlimited Real-Time Monitoring

Robot Monitor boasts over 200 customizable definitions in addition to user-defined SQL capability for unlimited scope. See what you can monitor in Robot Monitor.


Active Batch Jobs

Active Interactive Jobs

Active to Wait Transitions

Active to Ineligible Transitions

Wait to Ineligible Transitions

Auxiliary Storage

CPU Usage

CPU Seconds per Transaction

Current Interactive Percentage

Current Memory

Current Processors

Database CPU Usage

Disks Busy

Interactive CPU Usage

Interactive Job Count

Jobs Running in the System

Machine Pool Faults

Non-Database Page Faults

Response Time

Transactions per Hour

System Configuration

UPS Battery Status

Running on UPS

Unallocated Disk Units

Damaged Main Storage Unit

Front Panel Battery Status

Processors Not Working

Processors Partly OK

Front Panel Status

Last Termination Cause

Remote Power on Enabled

Auto Restore When Power Restored

Next IPL Type

Key Position

UPS Bypass

PTF Status

Job Status

Jobs on Output Queue

Interactive Jobs on Output Queue

Job Count

Job Queue Status

Job Queue Count

Job Queue Active Job Count

Job Status

Batch Jobs Waiting to Run

Batch Jobs Held on Job Queue

Batch Jobs on Held Job Queue

Batch Jobs on Job Queue Without Subsystem

Batch Jobs on Output Queue

Real-time Maximum Job Run Time

Job Performance

Subsystem Transactions per Hour

Faults per Second

Lock Wait Time

Thread Count

Thread Count per Job

Disk I/O

Temporary Storage per Job

Job Queue Max Wait Time

Job Queue Average Wait Time

Jobs in the System

Jobs in the System as Percentage of Maximum

Check CPU Usage and Hinder

System Performance

CFInt Overhead

CPW Available

CPW Percent of Available

CPW Percent of Configured

CPW Used

Interactive Capacity Used

CPU Used by LIC Tasks

System CPU Overhead

Subsystem Status

Temporary Storage by Subsystem

Total Temporary Storage

Permanent Addresses Used

Temporary Addresses Used

Cache Battery Life

Memory Pool Performance

Wait to Ineligible over Active to Wait Transitions

Activity Level

Database Page Faults

Database Pages

Non-Database Page Faults

Non-Database Pages

Reserved Size

Current Size

IOP Utilization

IOP Utilization

IOP Utilization (Communications Only)

IOP Utilization (Disk Only)

Communications Status

Controller Status

Device Status

Distribution Queue Status

Line Status

Network Interface Status

Network Server Status

TCP Port Status

IP Interface Status

Communications Performance


Communications Ethernet (greater than 16 retries)

Communications Ethernet (greater than 1 retry)

Communications Ethernet (1 retry)

Communications Errors

Communications Throughput Receive

Communications Throughput Transmit

Communications Utilization

TCP Ping


Data Queue Entries

Data Queue Percentage

Distribution Queue Entries

File Record Count

File Deleted Record Count

File Deleted Record Percentage

Journal Status

Journal Receiver Size

Remote Journal Lag

Network File Count

Object Size

Object Count

Output Queue Status

Spooled File Count

Real-Time Storage Used by Library

Real-Time Largest Object

ASP Information

ASP Busy

ASP Number of Busiest Unit

ASP Busy Unit Percentage

ASP Space Free

ASP Space Used

ASP Status

ASP Usage


MONCHKBML: Check BRMS Message Log

MONCHKBMS: Check BRMS Media Status


Replication: Data Group Status

Replication: DB Source Status

Replication: DB Target Status

Replication: Object Source Status

Replication: Object Target Status

Replication: RJ Link Status

Replication: Database Send Status

Replication: Database Reader Status

Replication: Database Apply Status

Replication: Object Send Status

Replication: Object Retrieve Status

Replication: Connector Send Status

Replication: Object Apply Status

Replication: Objects in Error

Replication: Files on Hold

Replication: Files on Hold Other

Replication: Files Not Journaled on System 1

Replication: Files Not Journaled on System 2

Replication: AJ IFS Errors

Replication: AJ IFS on Hold Other

Replication: AJ IFS Not Journaled on System 1

Replication: AJ IFS Not Journaled on System 2

Replication: AJ DA/DQ Errors

Replication: AJ DA/DQ on Hold Other

Replication: AJ DA/DQ Not Journaled on System 1

Replication: AJ DA/DQ Not Journaled on System 2

Replication: Audit Compliance Status

Manager: System Manager Job Status

Manager: Journal Manager Job Status

Manager: Monitor Processes Job Status

Manager: Master Monitor Job Status

Manager: Collector Services Job Status

Monitor: Monitor Status

Audit: Audit Job Status

MQ Series

Listener Status

Channel Status: Status

Channel Status: Number in Doubt

Channel Performance: Batch Size

Channel Performance: Compression Ratio

Channel Performance: Compression Time

Channel Performance: Exit Program Processing Time

Channel Performance: Message Count

Channel Performance: Time on Transmit Queue

Channel Performance: Bytes Sent

Channel Performance: Bytes Received

Channel Performance: Batch Count

Channel Performance: Network Time

Queue: Current Depth

Queue: Depth as Percentage of Maximum

Queue: Open for Input Count

Queue: Open for Output Count

Queue: Depth as Percentage of Trigger Depth

Queue: Age of Oldest Message on Queue

Queue: Average Queue Time

Queue: Uncommitted Message Count

Queue: Application Status

Queue Manager: Channel Initiator Status

Queue Manager: Command Server Status

Queue Manager: Status

Queue Manager: Connection Count

Ping Remote Channel

Ping Remote Queue Manager

User Supplied





Comprehensive Monitoring Software for IBM i

Robot Monitor provides a deep, comprehensive view of the health of your IBM i and displays performance metrics in a central dashboard for optimal visibility.