Send Your Critical Business Data to Excel in Seconds

What do you need in data access?

Give the people what they want: IBM i (and remote) data in Microsoft Excel.

Everyone loves Microsoft Excel. IBM i and remote databases (like DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL), on the other hand, are like a foreign language to the non-technical user. You can see the data, but it's too much to analyze.

Getting that data from database to Excel is difficult if you're using tools like Query/400. It can easily take two hours just to get your data into Excel.

With Sequel Data Access, it's a different story.

Sequel makes it easy to get your data in Excel in seconds.

You'll save time. And you'll be able to give the people what they've been asking for—real-time data in Excel.

Watch the video to see how simple (and fast) Sequel makes it to:

  • Give users a dashboard where they can download data in Excel
  • Email users IBM i data in Excel
  • Access live data directly in Excel, via an Add-In

"The ability to export a view to Excel is probably everybody's favorite feature. I hear more about that than anything else. It empowers users, without us having to write new queries."

IT Leader
Healthcare Organization
What Do You Need Out of Data Access?

Use the comprehensive feature checklist to define your data access must-haves. Plus, you'll be able to compare what Query/400 can do with what Sequel Data Access can do.