RPA in Banking and Finance

Meet the demands of modern business while maintaining accuracy and regulatory compliance with robotic process automation

How Can RPA Help Your Financial Institution?

Whether at a bank, credit union, or mortgage company, your customers and members turn to you to save, spend, and borrow with top-notch service. If that isn't possible, they will quickly abandon your organization for another financial institution. To stay competitive, you need a solution that can quickly and accurately manage high-volume processes across complex infrastructures—all while staying within regulatory compliance.

What is Robotic Process Automation in Banking?

With robotic process automation (RPA) software in banking, you can transform your processes so your employees can get back to more value-added strategic work. With the flexibility to automate almost any repetitive process, and the ability to scale to meet your future needs, RPA bots act as digital workers that help you save money, improve productivity, and mitigate risks while building greater resiliency for your business.

What Financial Institutions Does RPA Help?


Optimize costs and boost productivity with RPA to work smarter at your bank while providing customers with a top-notch experience.

Credit Unions

Give your team back their time by streamlining tedious, manual processes with RPA so you can better serve your members.

Mortgage Companies

Let software robots streamline mortgage application processes to save time, cut down on errors, and ensure regulatory compliance.

The Top 5 Reasons Banks Love RPA

In banking and financial institutions, where transaction volume is high and risk management is of major importance, RPA is a must-have tool that can put you ahead of the competition.

Use Case for RPA in Banking and Finance


Manual processes can decrease productivity and increase errors at your bank. With robotic process automation in banking, your team can get back to value-adding activities. This example shows how loan applications and other financial documents can be processed accurately, securely, and quickly with Automate.

Want to see more RPA use cases in action—like integrating with Blend, Fiserv, and more? Check out our library of RPA videos.

What Do Users Love About Automate?

Get more insight into the value Automate can provide your bank by reading our user reviews on G2.



Take RPA Further with Automate Intelligent Capture for Mortgage Processing Automation

Automate Intelligent Capture leverages intelligent document processing to accelerate mortgage processing automation through machine learning capabilities.

Unleash the Power of Robotic Process Automation

By combining Automate Intelligent Capture with HelpSystems Automate, you can leverage machine learning and AI to streamline manual processes and eliminate costly steps. This ensures loan applications are complete and streamlines the process for getting completed loans into your loan origination software (LOS).

Enhance Automation Capabilities in Mortgage Processing

With Automate Intelligent Capture, alongside HelpSystems Automate, you can do away with manual processing into your LOS, route forms and data electronically for processing, and ensure you leverage the best in mortgage processing automation.

Achieve Intelligent Process Automation

Working alongside HelpSystems Automate, our intelligent document processing solution can reduce manual data entry for mortgage processing between 60 to 90 percent. Out of the box, organizations see 70 percent automation, and within just weeks of machine learning, automation is at more than 95 percent.

See How Robotic Process Automation in Banking Can Transform Your Business

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