Partnering with Intermapper


You need a portfolio of reliable, powerful software solutions to be successful. When you partner with Intermapper, you add proven, enterprise network mapping and monitoring technology to your toolbox. We’re constantly looking for quality partners all over the world—and you could be next!

What is Intermapper?


Intermapper helps organizations stay ahead of downtime and ensure smooth network performance, whether they’re a small business or a large enterprise.

Customers all over the world love Intermapper’s powerful, intuitive network mapping, flexible monitoring for anything with an IP address, and cross-platform functionality.

Why partner with HelpSystems?

We take care of our partners. We know you’re placing a bet on us as a vendor, and we do everything we can to get you sales-ready within the first 90 days. We understand it’s an investment which is why we provide competitive discounts, lead protection, demo licenses, pre-packaged marketing campaigns, and technical expertise as you work to onboard new customers. Our partner onboarding process is free, the support you’ll receive exceptional, and the reward unmatchable.

“Intermapper helps French customers to get a clear and effective view of the state of the health of the network, servers, and peripheral devices. Whenever a company installs Intermapper, their engineers notice a reduction of network interruptions, which represents considerable financial savings for the company at the end of the year."

Philippe HANUS

Who do we partner with?

Managed Service Providers

For managed service providers looking to use a comprehensive network monitoring software, consider Intermapper. Depending on the connectivity you have to your customer’s environment, Intermapper can either be installed in the NOC or local to the customer. If the server is installed on premise, our Remote Access software gives you full access to the Intermapper Server, allowing you to monitor your customer’s environment from any location.

You can also share Intermapper’s user-friendly maps via the free web interface, giving your customers peace of mind knowing their network is up and running smoothly.

Intermapper’s probing technology allows the provider to monitor both physical and virtual devices from any vendor. Its real-time polling and comprehensive alerting options make pinpointing problem devices seamless, and its ease of use simplifies the process for onboarding new customers.

Our MSP partners receive competitive discounts and flexible licensing options, both of which make it easy for you to scale your business and improve your bottom line.

Systems Integrators

Systems Integrators

For systems integrators looking for best-of-breed software to complement hardware and other products in your toolkit, Intermapper’s flexibility and robust features fill the network monitoring gap. From IT planning projects and consulting to network builds and upgrades, Intermapper is the preferred monitoring software for systems integrators around the world.

The software ships with 200+ probes and provides a platform for custom probe creation, allowing the customer to monitor for a wide variety of performance metrics from any IP-enabled device. HTTP APIs can be used to integrate the software with other applications. Our partners combine Intermapper with equipment from an assortment of vendors, including Cisco, Asentria, Motorola, and Dell, allowing them to offer a state-of-the-art package to their customers. Learn how Intermapper can monitor a Cisco environment >

Consultant Firms

Consultant Firms

As a consultant firm, you care as much about the software you sell as the service you’re providing your customers. After all, organizations depend on you to update them on the best technologies to help them meet their business objectives.

Thousands of IT professionals trust Intermapper to help them manage their networks. Add Intermapper to your bundle as the preferred network monitoring software on the market—and let your customers see the difference it can make in their IT environment. Start by going onsite to do a quick discovery of their network and keep the customer engaged by creating the first map together.

Value-Added Resellers

Value-Added Resellers

Companies looking to resell network monitoring software alongside a profitable services offering can find what they need with Intermapper. With its intuitive mapping, flexible monitoring, cross-platform support, and high-value pricing model, Intermapper clearly differentiates itself from its competitors. HelpSystems provides flexible training programs to enable the VAR to get up to speed on the software quickly. We understand you are selling your products and your expertise, and we support you from start to finish.


Do you specialize in wireless technology? Intermapper can serve your niche market by monitoring your customers’ Wi-Fi devices. Learn more about monitoring wireless devices with Intermapper >

Do you serve education customers? Our software was developed at Dartmouth College and can be installed on MacOS, a feature that sets us apart from the competition. IT professionals working in school districts, colleges, and universities benefit from our software every day. We take this one step further by offering special pricing for education customers. Learn more about Intermapper in education >

Do you work with government clients? Intermapper received our Certificate of Networthiness from the U.S. Army back in 2016. We help our government customers stay one step ahead with our NetFlow Analyzer, displaying information about DDoS attacks for a faster response rate. Learn more about Intermapper in government >


Interested in adding the power and flexibility of Intermapper network monitoring to your portfolio? Just fill out this partnership application to start the process, and we’ll be in touch.