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When you partner with Automate, you add a best-of-breed technology to your toolbox—the most comprehensive automation solution on the market. Whether your customers need to improve individual and team productivity or maximize the performance of existing systems, Automate can help.

Outfitting your team with state-of-the-art solutions is integral to your success. Automate can help your customers throughout their automation journey, from streamlining their first tasks to providing a unified platform of robotic process automation and enterprise job scheduling.

Learn how partnering with Automate can help your team grow your software revenue and build your consulting services.

Consultant Firms

As a consultant firm, you care as much about the software you sell as the service you’re providing your customers. After all, organizations depend on you to take advantage of the latest trends to help them meet their business objectives.

Over 3,000 companies use Automate to power their automation strategy. Automate is priced effectively for small use cases and easily scales to handle the complex requirements of an automation Center of Excellence. We understand that your business relies on billing for consulting, and having a stable and reliable platform that can handle a diverse range of automation lets you focus on helping your customer with strategy and implementation—not technical issues.

Software Companies

No matter how feature-rich your software is, your customers are always eager for new and custom ways to use it. Automate can help you provide them with solutions that can easily be customized to their unique requirements. From managing simple tasks like monitoring an inbox for incoming files to  automating and integrating complex cross-system workflows, Automate can help your customers achieve their goals.

"Partnering with Automate, at the forefront of the digital transformation, helped us increase the value we bring our customers on a daily basis. Their products, support, and partnership are outstanding."

Francisco Benzi
Executive Director
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