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Document Management for AP

Invoice Capture and Processing

Document Management for Accounts Payable (AP)

Automate approval and payment processes by capturing and processing AP invoices electronically.

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Route documents automatically for approval with paperless invoice processing software

Simplify Invoice Capture

Automatically capture invoices into your on-premises and cloud-based systems—no matter their entry point.

Make Paperless Invoice Processing Secure

Ensure that only authorized users can view an invoice.

Automate Routing Processes

You’ll never have to worry where an invoice is in the approval and payment process again.

Put Manual Invoicing Processes to Rest

Scanning and paperless invoice processing software makes AP lives easier

For most businesses, sending and receiving invoices is a standard practice. But workflows to get invoices from start to finish are a different story. 

Invoices constantly arrive at your office and, frequently, they’re in different formats (email, mail, and so on). Perhaps you scan paper invoices or manually save the invoices that arrive attached to emails.

But this takes too long, and the process lacks standardization, so even if an invoice is captured, it’s still difficult to track down. As a result, keeping invoices straight is quite a challenge. Invoices could be misplaced or accessed by someone who does not have the authority to do so.

Plus, when you put your invoices through manual processes for approval and payment, the opportunity for human error only goes up—as do the waiting times. An invoice needs to be approved before it can be paid, but when an invoice needs to be manually routed, approved, and signed, there is a significant risk of error.

An invoice could be accidentally buried in a stack of papers on someone’s desk. Suddenly, no one knows where it is—and the process needs to start over completely.

“We needed a way to deliver the invoices to our head office quickly. We considered an overnight courier, but it was too expensive. We knew there had to be a less expensive and faster way to move documents. And we found it, with HelpSystems.”

Peter Coliukos
Director of Information Technology
Empire Merchants
Paperless Invoice Processing Makes Your Life Easier

Webdocs for AP helps accounting professionals whose organizations run on Windows and/or IBM i. With this invoice capture and processing software, it’s easy to capture, manage, and distribute invoices electronically.