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Enterprise Console

One centralized hub for all your IT infrastructure monitoring

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Simplify Multiple Processes, Platforms, and Technologies

Effectively manage and view the performance of your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Quickly Prioritize What Needs Attention

See what’s happening across your infrastructure at a glance so you can take action on what’s most important.

Do It All from Your Mobile Device

Respond to critical events from the mobile device of your choice in the same way that you would sitting at your desk.

“Enterprise Console allows us to obtain a single graphical view of all systems within our data center as well as remote systems at customer locations. We have the console up in our Network Operations Center at all times. Additionally, we are told by our customers that they utilize this feature on a continuous basis as well. Not only does it provide us with a real-time view of the system, it also offers us all peace of mind that the system is doing its job.”

Tom McLendon
Senior iSeries Engineer
Network Services Plus, Inc.

Key Features

Centralized dashboard

Centralize performance metrics in Enterprise Console

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have disparate IT departments managing multiple systems and platforms to support the increasing demands of a competitive marketplace. A centralized, real-time hub of information helps you monitor and control multiple servers and applications from one location, reducing duplicated efforts and response time.

Simple, plug-and-play installation

Plug in Halcyon products to view important information

Be up and running in minutes with super easy installation—then simply turn on supported products to view messages, alerts, and important event notifications for multiple platforms from right within Enterprise Console’s single dashboard.

Mobile management

Monitor from your desktop or mobile device

See at-a-glance what is happening at any time from any place where you have internet access. View and respond to critical information remotely just as you would at the office. Plus, the Enterprise Console mobile app for Apple or Android extends full functionality, visibility, and mobility to users on the go.

Consistent, automated responses

Respond to message from your mobile device

Build consistency when responding to issues. Set comprehensive filters to automatically reply to alerts, escalate actions, change severity levels, or forward alerts via SMS and email. Set automated responses for common issues, reducing response time and eliminating the risk of human error.

Multi-platform compatability

No matter what platform you’re running on, Enterprise Console will show you a common view of issues and notifications across all your IBM i, AIX, Linux, and Windows platforms for easier, more efficient system management. Plus, by pairing the console with Trap Receiver, you can also view alerts from an unlimited number of SNMP devices on your network.

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