Document Management for Retail

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A retail associate captures signatures and manages receipts digitally

The retail industry is driven to deliver the best possible customer experience. However, when paper dominates retail processes, it impedes their ability to improve the experience for the customer.

Paper is often prevalent in:

  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Reports

Customers don’t want to waste their time waiting for a receipt to print and then signing it. Retail management and staff are tired of managing all those paper receipts and ensuring they match up to what’s in the back-end system. Plus, they’re growing tired of manually generating, printing, and delivering sales reports.

HelpSystems Document Management (RJS) can help the retail industry remove the pesky paper from their processes and free up time (and resources) to work on improving the customer experience.

Capture That “John Hancock” Without the Hassle

Retail operations are customer-centric. Ensuring that a customer is satisfied with both the service and product is extremely important. It makes sense, then, to look for ways to make the customer experience as seamless and easy as possible.

One logical area to consider in speeding up the customer’s process is signature capture. Frequently, customers need to sign receipts or invoices related to their retail purchase. But the time it takes to generate, print, and physically sign a receipt or invoice can be frustrating.

The right retail document management solution eliminates the need for paper in receipt and invoice processes. Instead, the customer can sign electronically—without the waiting time.

Manage Documents Effectively and Efficiently

It’s up to retail management and staff to keep track of all receipts, invoices, and related documents. Some may be paper, some may be electronic—but all need to be managed.

The problem is that keeping track of paper documents is difficult, and management and staff have long grown tired of sorting through all of the paper. Not to mention that finding a document once it has been sorted and filed is also time-consuming.

With a document management solution, however, the document management process becomes much easier. Receipts and invoices are captured electronically. Related documents are appropriately stored. Finding a document again is easy because all retail management and staff have to do is run a quick search to locate the document in question.

As a result, the retail industry is able to save time—and paper—by implementing a document management solution.

Automate Report Distribution

In order to measure customer satisfaction and ensure the best possible customer experience, the retail industry needs to develop reports (e.g. sales reports).

Manually developing, printing, and delivering reports is a time-consuming and often frustrating process—especially under a deadline. But with an electronic document system, your retail operation can automate the production and delivery of reports. The time that your company previously spent on manually putting together and delivering reports can then be allocated to more important tasks, like assessing the reports and improving the customer experience.

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