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Survival of the Fittest Retailer

A retail associate captures signatures and manages receipts digitally

The retail industry is driven to deliver the best possible customer experience. However, when paper dominates your retail processes, it impedes your ability to improve the experience for the customer.

Common documents involved your retail processes may include:

  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Contracts

These documents are necessary, but they shouldn’t slow things down. After all, your customers don’t want to waste their time waiting for a receipt to print and then signing it. But when paper is involved, it takes too much time for customers to sign receipts or invoices. It can be a frustrating process—for employees and customers alike.

It’s up to retail management and staff to keep track of all receipts, invoices, and related documents. Some may be paper, some may be electronic—but all need to be managed and matched up to what’s in the back-end system. The problem is that keeping track of paper documents is difficult, and management and staff have long grown tired of sorting through all the paper. Not to mention that finding a document once it has been sorted and filed is also time-consuming.

On top of that, your retail reporting and contracting processes can easily be slowed down by paper. Developing reports (i.e., sales reports) is necessary in order to effectively measure customer satisfaction—and ensure you’re delivering the best possible customer experience. But manually developing, printing, and delivering reports is a time-consuming and often frustrating process—especially under a deadline.

Contracts are necessary to maintain deals with suppliers—and ensure you have the products your customers crave. But managing contracts without a formal document management system leads to headaches across retail stores. Contracts need to be available for the appropriate parties to reference and they need to be protected for legal purposes.

Retailers need to remove the pesky paper from their processes, manage documents efficiently, and keep everything secure. With HelpSystems document management solutions, you will make it easy and find serious savings

“We noticed that some stores were running at $10,000 a year for contract services, while other stores were running at $5,000. We sent an e‐mail to all regional managers and had them investigate why there were differences. Hyperlinks in the general ledgers allowed the regional managers to view the relevant invoices in the document management system. As a result of doing this investigation we saved $250,000.”

Mark Gregory
Carisch Feeds
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