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Document Management for Maintenance and Repair

Speed up customer visits (and save time on data entry) with document management for maintenance and repair.

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From the Field to the Filing Cabinet

A repairman fills out a web-based form

Companies in the maintenance and repair industry count on paperwork to keep business on track. Frequently, this paperwork is in the form of actual paper; occasionally, the paperwork may be processed electronically. Your typical paperwork might include work orders, receipts, and supply forms.

If you’re in maintenance and repair, you likely do work out in the field. This typically includes travelling to a customer to install or repair a product. There, you often fill out paperwork with customer information, get it signed by a customer, and then returned to the office to enter the information manually into a back-end business system.

That can easily lead to problems. You might not be able to read the handwriting on the form. Or when the time comes to put the data from the paperwork into the system, it can lead to data entry errors. And those errors can seriously complicate your billing process. Additionally, the processes surrounding the intake of paperwork often become complicated and result in far too many manual steps.

All of those paper documents and manual processes are slowing down maintenance and repair companies. But you can speed yours up—with help from HelpSystems document management tools. 

“There’s going to be tens of thousands of dollars of gained revenue and cost savings.”

Carl Novit
Vice President
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