Document Management for Human Resources

Document Management for Human Resources (HR)

Manage HR documents securely and enforce every process—from onboarding to termination.

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Eliminate Paper

Create, capture, and manage HR documents digitally.

Keep HR Documents Safe

Ensure that only authorized individuals can view confidential employee information.

Enforce HR Processes

Rest assured that every HR process—from onboarding to termination—is carried out the correct way.

Retire the Paper from Your Processes

Human resources (HR) professionals specialize in people, yet most HR workers spend their time dealing with paper documents. While documents themselves are indeed a necessary evil for an HR department, the paper isn’t.  

Your HR department has a more important responsibility—attracting and retaining top talent for your organization. The paper involved with processing documents—and manual emails to keep processes on track—shouldn’t take your focus away. But at too many organizations, the paper poses a problem. The paper is difficult to manage, and the processes involved in gathering employee information are difficult to enforce. 

A day in the life of a typical HR professional is often hectic. From onboarding checklists, I-9s, and W-4s to employee evaluation forms and payroll increase forms, there’s a lot to keep track of.

A new employee starts and triggers a fresh round of paper-intensive paperwork and manual user provisioning on networks and systems. Another employee submits an evaluation form. Still another might submit a payroll increase form. To cap it all off, another employee might put in his or her notice and commence a series of exit paperwork. And then you need to post a job and collect resumes (even more documents) all over again. So the cycle goes on and on.

As a result, it’s difficult to enforce processes. For instance, when an employee is brought on-board, there’s typically an on-boarding checklist involved. But, without a way to enforce the form, the correct process may not be followed. The form may not even be completed or turned in at all. Plus, there’s confidentiality and compliance to think of. HR professionals are privy to private employee information, and employees need to be able to trust that information will stay secure.

HR departments need a way to return their focus to people, instead of spending all of their time on the paper.

Return Your Focus to People

Luckily there’s a solution to the HR paper problem. With digital document management for HR, you can invest your time in people—rather than paper.

An electronic document management system is central to an HR solution. The right system will provide your HR department with a single repository. All existing documents—from W-4s to employee evaluation forms—can be digitized and new documents can stay electronic throughout the entire process. As a result, it will be easier to manage and reference documents as need.

Keeping documents secure is a must-have when it comes to document management for HR. The right solution ensures that confidential information—like social security numbers—stays private.

Without a document management solution for HR, it can be difficult to ensure compliance. Take the I-9 process. If an I-9 is stored in an employee file folder, it isn’t in compliance with government standards. A document management system can help your organization stay compliant by creating a clear digital hierarchy—and ensuring that information is secured on a folder by folder basis. As a result, if an auditor comes calling and needs to see an I-9, they’ll be able to see that document—and only that document.

User provisioning can be taken care of automatically, without writing any code. You can even automate reminder emails for things like benefits enrollment. 

Plus, with document management, it’s easy to ensure processes are carried out accurately. For instance, you can require certain fields in an onboarding checklist to be filled out. And you can gain visibility over whether or not an onboarding checklist has been completed—without need to track down the HR professional in charge of it.

It’s time to help your HR department focus on what matters most: attracting and retaining the right people. 

"The HelpSystems document management system is the best I've seen for organization and speed of getting to the documents."

Dr. Greg Reckamp
KSB Hospital
Spend Less Time on Paper and More Time on People

Document management is the best way to return your focus to people, instead of paper. Schedule your free consultation today to learn how easy it will be to eliminate paper, streamline processes, and keep your HR documents secure.