Document Management for Hospitality and Gaming

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Check-in is swift when hotels and casinos capture signatures electronically

Guest check-ins drive document processes for the hospitality and gaming industry. But when a hospitality and gaming facility manages paperwork and processes guest signatures manually, it slows everything down. Guests spend far too long at the front desk going through the process of checking in, when what they really would like to be doing is enjoying the facility. And, as guests check-in and leave their completed paperwork behind, it’s up to the staff to process the paperwork. When paperwork involves physical paper, it consumes employee time.

Hospitality and gaming facilities are often tired of processing so much paperwork and wish that there was a way to cut down on paper, streamline the check-in process, and improve the guest experience. They need a document management system that allows them to do their work more efficiently and waste less time all around.

HelpSystems Document Management (RJS) can help the hospitality and gaming industry improve their processes by implementing a document management system that digitizes documents and electronically captures signatures.

Streamline the Check-In Process

When guests arrive at a hospitality and gaming facility, the first thing they need to do is check in. Yet check-in means an often tedious process of filling out registration forms, generating paper documents, and signing on x, y, and z lines. Once the guest has filled out the paperwork, then it’s up to the staff member at the front desk to appropriately file and manage the documents—until check-out time rolls around, and the guest needs to sign all over again.

With HelpSystems Document Management (RJS), hospitality and gaming facilities can streamline their check-in processes. For instance, guests can fill out paperwork digitally and sign electronically where needed. A guest can simply sign once and then easily apply that signature to every spot a signature is required on registration cards, check-in documents, bills, receipts, and so on.

As a result, the check-in process is no longer time-consuming and complicated—it’s fast, easy, and seamless.

Improve Service—Without Wasting Time or Money

Inefficient document management often involves paper, wastes employee time, and frustrates guests. Your hospitality and gaming facility can do better with HelpSystems Document Management (RJS). By checking out of your potentially inefficient document management system, your facility will experience measurable benefits in terms of savings (in paper and storage) and increasing guest (and employee) satisfaction.

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