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Check-Out Time for Paper Documents

Document management for hospitality and gaming speeds up check-in.

Guests come first in the hospitality and gaming industry.

However, for too many hotels, spas, and casinos, documents get in the way of the best possible guest experience.

A document delay keeps guests from entertainment. Questions send employees scurrying. And at the end of the day, no one is as happy as they should be.

From the minute guests arrive...

At check-in, guests are asked to sign paperwork, fill out registration forms, and sign on x, y, and z line. Typically, this involves actual paper and manual signatures. Thus the delay begins. A guest might have to wait for a document to print, then sign it, and then wait for the staff member to scan and potentially copy it. Your guests don’t want to be kept from their leisure time by tedious paperwork.

To the minute they leave...

While guests want to be on the road (or headed to the airport), they get stuck waiting to provide the final signatures on their stay.

A lack of document management can keep employees from meeting guest needs, as well.

Generating paper-based paperwork is a tedious, time-consuming task. Preparing for each guest thus takes extra time—and time away from answering guest questions and making sure they meet guest needs. Once a guest has filled out paperwork, it consumes even more employee time to store and manage it. If a former guest calls with a question about his or her stay, it takes far too much time for an employee to shuffle through files to verify a bill or other documentation.

The result?

It’s commonplace for many hotels, spas, and casinos to waste time processing paperwork instead of interacting with guests.

Without a document management system, there’s no change in sight.

That’s why efficient document management is of the utmost importance to every hospitality and gaming business. With solutions from HelpSystems document management software, you can cut down on paper and improve the guest experience at your business.

“In the past, the software we used broke down a lot and we had to run around to get it working again. Sign Here and Webdocs stay up and are always available.”

John Borelli
Vice President of IT
Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
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