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Healthcare organizations are trusted to give their patients the very best. And that means the best care, the best doctors, and the best patient experience. But you can’t give your patients the best unless you properly manage patient information.

Every day, healthcare organizations manage sensitive information. It’s everywhere—registration forms, insurance forms, medical records, etc. Patients fill out these forms, and the information needs to be processed and distributed among the appropriate physicians.

As these documents route through hospital facilities, it’s essential that the information remains confidential and secure. After all: patients trust that their doctors will keep their medical information private, and HIPAA requires it.

Therein lies the problem. Paper forms pose a risk to patient privacy. Anyone could see a paper registration form lying around and suddenly be privy to information that ought to be confidential. Plus, when a patient comes in with an urgent need, you need to be able to pull all their relevant records. If they’re kept on paper, it adds time to the process that you simply don’t have.

Your patients deserve to keep their information private and their doctors informed. So give your patients the best with the help of HelpSystems document management solutions.

“As healthcare changes and progresses, so do our needs. KSB Hospital foresees regional, if not national, health information cooperatives that will allow hospitals to share information on patients to improve the quality of the care provided. The flexibility HelpSystems has given us allows us to realize these goals.”

Larry Stevens
Senior Systems Analyst
KSB Hospital
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