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If you’re in the education industry, you know that the documents will never cease.

Schools and universities take in students and see them graduate, year in and year out. Each student generates a whole series of paperwork—applications, records, financial aid documents. That’s not even taking into consideration the documents triggered by faculty and staff. From the smallest school district to the biggest university, educational workers are overwhelmed with overflowing documents.

Documents are constantly created and need to be processed and filed appropriately. Common education documents include:

  • Admissions forms
  • Financial aid paperwork
  • Student records
  • Personnel records

Network and student security are big concerns for many educational institutions. This is especially important when it comes to maintaining the security of student records and any other documents containing confidential information that enter an educational institution. Paper-based storage is difficult to keep secure—anyone can go into a filing cabinet, and it’s difficult to maintain oversight on who has accessed certain documents. And managing documents digitally—without a document management system—comes with security risks, too.

How many documents does your school or university process on a daily basis? Undoubtedly, the number is high. Some of these arrive in paper form and wind up stored in filing cabinets. Others may originate as electronic documents but still end up stored haphazardly.  As a result, tracking down the right document becomes a time-consuming task for school and university employees.

To make matters more difficult, the pressure is constantly on for schools and universities to do more with less. (Translation: there are fewer staff members and lower budgets across the board.) And how can a smaller staff manage documents that are being produced at a rate exponentially larger than ever before? Without an electronic document management system, it’s quite a challenge.

HelpSystems Document Management can help your institution meet the challenge of managing ever-increasing documents with fewer staff. 

“We used to be swamped during the summer, preparing for the coming school year. This year, in spite of a record freshman class, we have had no need for additional staff, and we’ve even had a little time for strategic planning.”

Julie Olson
Director of Enrollment Services
Augsburg College
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