Document Management for Accounts Receivable (AR)

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Create professional high-quality documents, like invoices, using customer data.

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Keep your customers happy by answering their questions promptly, thanks to an accounts receivable AR document management system.

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Eliminate Paper from Your Invoicing Processes

Your AR department’s goal is simple: make customers happy and collect timely payments. However, manual processes for handling AR documents can get in the way of customer happiness and a balanced ledger.

Invoices, purchase orders (POs), customer acknowledgments, and even shipping documents top the list of AR priorities. Processing and creating these documents often involves complex workflows.Complex workflows, however, grind to a halt when paper and manual processes are involved.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems generate documents that you need to reference when creating AR documents. Even if those documents are created electronically, they are frequently printed anyway. These documents then need to be routed and approved before they can even reach the desk of the customer.

Eventually, you do get that document out the door. Some documents, like proofs of delivery, need to be signed. Others, like invoices, require further action from the customer: payment. But whether you send an invoice by mail or email, it can be difficult to control the process. You’re often left wondering: has the invoice arrived? Has it been approved? When will your company receive the payment?

And, most importantly, what if your customer calls with a question? If your documents are stored in filing cabinets, it will take minutes—even hours—to find the answer the customer needs.

At the end of the day, manual AR processes only lead to frustrated customers, frantic employees, and empty accounts. AR departments need a way to improve their processes and swiftly answer customer queries.

 “If anyone has a question about an order, they can go into Webdocs to look it up. No matter where you are, you can see the information. There’s no need to chase it down.”

Ron Caucutt
IT Operations Director
Johnson Plastics

Common AR Documents

Purchase Orders Order Acknowledgements
Advanced Ship Notices Bills of Lading
Pick or Pack Slips Proofs of Delivery
Invoices Statements
Compliance Documentation Import/Export Documentation


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