Why IBM i Users Can't Live Without Sequel Data Access

Find out why users depend on Sequel to access, analyze, and deliver data in this three-part webinar series.
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Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Check Out What Real-Life Sequel Users Are Saying:

"Before, we might spend thousands of dollars for a report that I can now create in 8 hours or less. We now do everything in-house, so Sequel has really paid for itself.”—Ryan Hulce, IT Specialist, Tipton Hospital

"My background is as an RPG programmer, but for 90% of the things I do, I use Sequel because it’s faster."—Alan Boulee, Senior Programming Analyst, Fremont Insurance Company

"I’m convinced that there’s nothing we can’t do with Sequel— it’s very cool.”—Carl Novit, Vice President and Co-Owner of FRS



3 Easy Ways to Save Time by Accessing Data with Sequel

“Sequel is so much more user friendly. I don’t have to write RPG code to do what needs to be done.”—Cameron Glenn, Senior Accounting Officer, MainSource Financial Group

Data access shouldn't take days or weeks. And IT staff don't need to be the gatekeepers anymore.

It's time to make data access fast and easy for anyone. Learn how easy it can be to get:

  • Accurate data fast
  • All of your data—in one spot
  • Access to friendly PC formats like Microsoft Excel

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3 Easy Ways to Turn Your Data into Information with Sequel

“Sequel’s dynamic drill-down and regrouping capabilities are amazing. Sequel presents the information and we can dig deeper to spot trends.”—Robert Bernel, Data Processing Manager, Southwestern Motor Transport

Understanding data shouldn't be so complicated.

Data visualization makes it easy for any user to understand data and turn it into usable business information. With Sequel, it's easy to make data clear, actionable, and flexible. When data is easy to understand, you'll finally be able to turn it into useful information and make decisions.

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3 Easy Ways to Deliver Data the Way Users Want It with Sequel

Delivering data to users shouldn't be such a burden on IT.

With Sequel, it's quick and easy to deliver data directly to users—and stop the requests from piling up. You'll learn how to deliver data:

  • Without running the same query over and over
  • In easy-to-interpret dashboards
  • In formats users know and love—Microsoft Excel

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Sequel Makes Data Access Easy

There are so many reasons why IBM i users love to use Sequel—and can't live without it.

Sequel makes it easy to:

  • Get accurate IBM i data access—without writing code
  • Make decisions based on visual data
  • Run queries faster and deliver data in an instant
  • Access, analyze, and deliver data in everyone's favorite format: Microsoft Excel. 
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