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Should you switch to a modern business intelligence (BI) solution like Sequel Data Access? Do the savings outweigh the costs?

Find out. Use our BI ROI calculator to determine how much you could be saving with Sequel.

Simply enter information on how you’re running queries, reporting on data, and distributing information today. Then you’ll get a benchmark of how much you could be saving—and how long it will take to get to ROI.

“Sequel helps us save money and stay green because we’re not printing reports—we’re doing almost everything online.”

Max Valdman
IT Manager
The Hammock Source

“One of the biggest benefits is the fast turnaround on reports it gives us. My background is as an RPG programmer, but for 90% of the things I do, I use a reporting solution because it’s faster. It takes me a quarter of the time.”

Alan Boulee
Senior Programming Analyst
Fremont Insurance

“For a relatively small investment, we gave a refresh to our capabilities to view our data—to the point where people now use these tools to make better decisions.”

Eric Bushman
VP Information Technology

"I don't have to manually do things anymore."

Diana Stobbe
Business Analyst
Standard Motor Products

BI ≠ Big Expense

BI should deliver business value—not be a huge expense. Here are the top six ways our customers find value with Sequel.

Spend 3 minutes running queries (instead of 4 hours)

Run 1 query to get all the information you need (instead of hundreds of variations)

Reduce report writing time by 75%

Eliminate paper reports

Avoid costly data errors (and save thousands)

Send data to your users in 1-click (instead of copying and pasting for hours)

Why IBM i Delivers the Best ROI

Calculating ROI

94.6 percent of IBM i users believe the platform delivers a better return on investment than other servers. (And 72 percent are working in heterogenous environments and see the value of IBM i against other platforms every day.)

Sequel Data Access builds on the ROI of the IBM i platform by:

  • Installing in less than an hour
  • Working in graphical and web user interfaces (so your users don’t need to figure out the green screen)
  • Cutting query and reporting times drastically

Find out why IBM i users can't live without Sequel.

Convince Your Boss

Calculating ROI

Making a case to upper management is never easy.

But it goes more smoothly when you have the numbers to back up your business intelligence project.

That means knowing what your current solution is costing you. And it means defining the path to ROI with your new BI project.

Calculating your ROI is a great step to making your case. (Have you found how much you could be saving? Go back to the top to get the answer in under five minutes). But there are other ways you can (and should) back your BI project up.

Find out what else you need to do to convince your boss.

Don't Settle for the Status Quo

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