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Smooth day-to-day operations depends on constant, accurate monitoring of the status and performance of your business applications. You need confidence that you’ll receive notifications when anything out of the ordinary occurs on the applications that run your file transfers, report generations, and backups. Automated monitoring solutions can help shrink the workload on your operators and reduce the risk of human error in identifying and responding to issues.

When you monitor your systems with one of our software solutions, you can apply some easy-to-use templates that will work specifically with the banking and financial applications that you use every day. Our specialized templates are quick to install and simple to learn, helping you better maintain application availability, fix critical issues, and ensure your team is notified when errors occur. Learn more about our templates for business application monitoring below.

“The HelpSystems solution plays a critical role in helping us to ensure the availability of the Misys Equation core banking application and deliver a high level of service to customers across the Middle East and Europe. It gives us greater control of our IT infrastructure and enables us to handle the increasing business levels without requiring additional IT support headcount."

Eric Buenaflor
Senior Manager of IT Operations
Ahli United Bank

Misys Equation

Misys Equation monitoring is easy with application monitoring templates

Misys is the leading application software and services provider to the financial services industry. Their services are used by over 1,200 customers, including all of the world’s top 50 banks. Customize your monitoring processes, alerts, and settings more quickly with the Misys Equation monitoring template in order to maintain constant visibility into system performance and increase the effectiveness of your monitoring.

The template helps you monitor phrases within end-of-day processing to ensure that each phase is completed within a given time period and that entire end-of-day processes are finished before business hours commence. You can easily set up performance thresholds, create notifications, and route alerts to Enterprise Console or to people within your organization via text or email.

The Misys Equation template gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor phases within end-of-day processing
  • Automate the handling of error monitoring alerts and responding to complex situations
  • Allow multiple dependencies
  • Support multiple environments
  • Retain specific settings and reduce setup time when adding or changing jobs

Misys Midas Plus

Misys Midas Plus monitoring is easy with application monitoring templates

Midas Plus is the latest generation of the Misys Midas core banking system. Misys Midas Plus offers banking providers a single, integrated platform for delivering a wide range of services to corporate customers, including treasury, commercial lending, capital markets, cash management, and wealth management.

Make your monitoring easier with the pre-configured Misys Midas Plus monitoring template. Use this template to customize your suite and make sure you’re monitoring what matters most to you—like the timely completion of end-of-day processing or the status of scheduled jobs. Set up your notifications to reflect your organization’s escalation policy for the most efficient resolution with thresholds are breached.

The Misys Midas Plus template allows you to:

  • Monitor phases within end-of-day processing
  • Automate the handling of error monitoring alerts and responding to complex situations
  • Allow multiple dependencies
  • Support multiple environments
  • Retain specific settings and reduce setup time when adding or changing jobs

Temenos T24

Temenos T24 monitoring is easy with application monitoring templates

Financial services organizations can monitor critical back-office core with the Temenos T24 monitoring template, which integrates seamlessly into HelpSystems monitoring software to provide web-based historical performance reporting. This pre-configured template ensures that file transfers and interfaces run on time and as expected, sends alerts for any critical situations that require your attention, and keeps your application secure via activity tracking.

Use the Temenos T24 template to:

  • Monitor available space, number of files, and age of files in real time within application filesystems
  • Capture events important to you and your application
  • Raise alerts by exception to ensure you only see events that truly require your attention
  • Track activities performed on critical files
  • Manage interfacing payment services such as Swift, BACS, and CHAPS
  • Manage alerts via email, SMS, or Enterprise Console
  • Integrate with Advanced Reporting Suite for web-based historical performance reporting

IBM MQ Monitoring

IBM WebSphere MQ monitoring is easy with application monitoring templates

Proactively monitor all of the critical elements of your IBM MQ application server, such as queues, channels, listeners, and more. MQ Manager automatically monitors essential MQ processes, checks for problems, and notifies you if issues are found—eliminating the need to manually monitor bottlenecks and freeing your team up to work on what matters most.

IBM i Services

IBM i Services monitoring is easy with monitoring templates

The IBM Services monitoring template allows you to check that all critical ports required for vital services to continue running are open and available. It ensures that critical jobs are active at pre-defined times, restarts services in stopped status automatically, and tolerates error situations for a pre-defined period of time before raising an alert (in case the error is temporary).

The template monitors for over 100 critical services running on your IBM i, including:

  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • Cluster resource services
  • DNS server
  • IBM directory server
  • WebSphere MQ server
  • SMNP server
  • WebSphere app server
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