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AIX Security Basics Course

Avoid security incidents by optimizing configuration of your AIX systems

Table of Contents

Intruders and rogue employees alike are able to invisibly exploit weaknesses from the inside out. Browse the topics below to learn how to mitigate common threats to your AIX environment.


Learn about different types of security incidents and how misconfiguration can have serious consequences.

Chapter 1: Remove Files Not Required for Daily Operations

Learn how to limit the attack surface by eliminating extraneous services.

Chapter 2: Patch the System in a Timely Manner

Learn how to find appropriate patches and backup your system before implementation.

Chapter 3: Validate Permissions and Ownership

Learn which groups should have read-write-execute privileges, and which should not.

Chapter 4: Verify the Correct Startup Programs and Permissions

Learn how to prevent malicious users from modifying system startup files.

Chapter 5: Document and Monitor Files with SUID, SGID, and NOSUID

Learn the appropriate uses for special permissions commands.

Chapter 6: Identify and Manage Service Considerations

Learn how to secure services like FTP, mail, SMTP, SNMP, and Cron.

Chapter 7: Get Visibility into Your Networks

Learn how to assess and make improvements by evaluating your network layout.

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