Introducing InterMapper 6

InterMapper 6.0 network monitoring in action

Take IT infrastructure monitoring one step deeper with interface alerts

You need your interfaces (or links or ports) to stay up and running at all times—and if they’re not, you want to know about it. In InterMapper 6, we’re introducing the brand-new ability to set real-time alerts at the interface level as well as at the device level.

New and improved features in InterMapper 6 include:

  • Alerts on individual interfaces: Easily create notifiers that will alert you instantly via sound, email, text, etc. when a specified link utilization, error, or discard threshold is exceeded for a certain interface.
  • Color-coded status of devices AND interfaces: Check your map to see the availability of a device and all its associated interfaces at a glance, with devices and links lighting up in the color of their current state for easy prioritization.
  • Single, centralized interface window: Get the scoop on all your interface statuses, whether they’re green (good), yellow (warning), or red (down), along with key metrics you need to know, in one centralized interface sub-menu.


What else is new in InterMapper 6?


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