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Adding Job Monitors to Robot Jobs

Last Updated:
December 8, 2016



Job Monitors can be used to send notifications beyond just completed or failed.  They can be attached to both Robot SCHEDULE and Robot SCHEDULE Enterprise jobs.   

To add a monitor, right click on your job, and select properties.  Then select the job monitors tab.

Notifications can be sent for 3 reasons - a job overruns, it underuns, or does not start by a certain time.  Check the box to add the monitor.

There are 3 places warning messages can be sent.

  1. The job's message queue.  That way a product like Robot CONSOLE can pick it up.
  2. Send an email using a Robot ALERT device.  The device is specified under the control tab.
  3. Send a message to the network status center if this system is a node for Robot NETWORK.

Overrun and late start monitors can also terminate the job when the message is sent.