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PDF Truncation in ESEND Output

Last Updated:
August 11, 2016


Using ESNDMAIL and ESNDFILE to e-mail a spooled file in PDF format, or using CPYSPLIFS to convert and save a spooled file as PDF on the IFS sometimes causes the PDF output to truncate if

*LETTER page size is specified.


The page size value for ESNDMAIL, ESNDFILE and CPYSPLIFS is hard coded as *KEEP (often landscape in standard spooled files) for PDF conversion. There is no way to change this value and pass it to the background process, PDFSPLF, even though PDFSPLF supports both *KEEP and *LETTER for the page size value.


Option 1
In order to obtain *LETTER results from ESNDMAIL, ESNDFILE, and CPYSPLIFS, users must run the PDFSPLF command first to create a stream file and then e-mail the stream file as an attachment in a separate step.

Option 2
Change the command default to force all PDF output to use letter (8-1/2 x 11) size with the following command:



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