How To Guide

Using FTP to Send Save Files (*SAVF) to HelpSystems

Last Updated:
March 7, 2017

Before You Begin

There are two parts to the process of sending a save file to HelpSystems via FTP:

Step A: First, you have to transfer the file from the IBM i to a PC.

Step B: Then, you can transfer the save file from the PC to the HelpSystems FTP site.

We recommend you use Filezilla to transfer your save file in Step B. If you don't have it currently installed on your PC, follow the instructions provided on the Filezilla website to set it up correctly.

Likewise, if you can't install Filezilla on your PC, contact Technical Support to discuss alternative ways to transfer your save file to the FTP site.

Step A: Transferring a Save File from your IBM i to the PC

Note: When naming the save file you'll be sending, use the first three letters of your company name and then the name of the file. For example, HELREPAS, where HEL are the first three letters of the company name and REPAS is the name of the file.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the DOS prompt (C:\>), enter the following to start an FTP session:


  2. At the FTP prompt, enter one of the following:

    OPEN system name
    OPEN IP address of your IBM i

  3. When prompted, enter your User ID and Password for the IBM i.

  4. To ensure the transfer mode is binary (there will be no conversion), enter the following command:


  5. Enter the following command:


  6. The Remote File is the save file you're transferring to HelpSystems. Enter the Remote File name as follows:



    library is the IBM i library where the save file is found.

    save_file is the name of the file.

  7. Enter the pathname for the Local File, which is the location on the PC where the save file should be copied. An example would be:


    where location is the complete pathname (including the save file name) where you want to copy the file.

    Note: You may need to set off the pathname with double-quotes (" ") if it doesn’t follow the DOS 8.3 naming format. For example, "c:\documents and settings\user\desktop\mysavf".

  8. After the save file has been sent to the PC successfully, enter the following command:


To continue, follow the steps in the next section.

Step B: Transferring a Save File from Your PC to the HelpSystems FTP Site using Filezilla

  1. Launch Filezilla.

  2. From the main Filezilla window, navigate to Transfer in the File menu.

  3. Click Manual Transfer. The Manual transfer panel displays.

  4. Do the following to set up the transfer of your save file:

    1. Select Upload under Transfer direction.

    2. For Local file, enter the pathname you specified when you transferred the Local File to your PC from the IBM i.

    3. For Remote file, enter the Remote path and File as follows:

      Remote path: /

      File: save_file

      where save_file is the name of your file.

    4. Select Custom server as your Server choice.

    5. Under Custom server, enter the following:


      Port: Leave this blank.

      Servertype: FTP - File Transfer Protocol with optional encryption

      Logontype: Normal

      User/Password: Enter the user name and password you received from Technical Support. The username field is case-sensitive.

    6. Select Binary as your Data type to ensure the transfer mode is binary (there will be no conversion).

    7. Select Start transfer immediately.

    8. Click OK.

    Your file will now transfer to the HelpSystems FTP site.