How To Guide

Using the AGEOUTQ Command

Last Updated:
August 26, 2016

The AGEOUTQ command in Robot Schedule is used to increment spooled files in a specified output queue by 1 each time it is run. The AGEOUTQ command builds an out file on the contents of the specified output queue. Each spooled file is uniquely identified by job, user, number, file, and file number. When a spooled file has been aged the number of times specified by the "Times to age file" parameter of the command, the spooled file is deleted  

If Robot Network is on the system (even if it is not used), check for the existence of the data area RBNCFG. Positions 5-12 of the data area should contain the current system name. If the information in this data area is incorrect, update it.

The message will also have extended message text. This message is accessible by pressing F1 when viewing the message.


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