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The "No Carrier" Message in the Transmission Log

Last Updated:
August 25, 2016

This explains what to do if you're using Robot Alert and you receive a "No Carrier" message in the transmission log.

1. No phone line connection to the local modem.

Start by checking all cable connections. If all connections seem okay, check the number Robot Alert is dialing to make sure it's correct. If that all seems okay, try connecting a telephone handset to the modem phone line to check for a dial tone. Try dialing out to the paging vendor and make sure the vendor's modem answers. If all that seems normal, try contacting the phone company.

2. The paging vendor's modem is not answering.

Call the paging vendor and verify the number Robot Alert should dial. Don't forget to adjust the dialing sequence if a leading 9 or 1 is needed.

3. The number that the modem is dialing is answered by a voice rather than a modem tone.

Call the paging vendor and ask for the TAP modem phone number. Change the number Robot Alert is dialing to this number.


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