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Security Scan Prerequisites

Last Updated:
September 11, 2017

The following prerequisites are required for installation:

All that is needed to run Security Scan is a user profile on the system with *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.

(Administrator level privilege is not required on the PC.)

The profile running the Scan must not be blocked by exit programs. The following servers are used when running Security Scan:







If exit program security is in place, you will need to create rules that allow access for the user running the Security Scan.

From the PC, click OK to run the Security Scan. The status bar will be displayed as the data is being collected.

The application will:

  • Create a temporary file and library
  • Run the scan, then write the results out to the PC in the form of an XML file
  • Delete the temporary file and library on the system

Note: The Adobe Flash Player is required to view your Powertech Security Scan. If it is not already installed, a message will appear prompting you to install it.

Simply click Yes to install the Flash Player. Chrome users must use Adobe's Flash Player, rather than Chrome's built-in version.  

For complete installation instructions, see Security Scan Quick Start Guide.