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Configuring the STRSQL Command in Command Security

Last Updated:
July 7, 2016

The STRSQL command, which can be limited using Command Security, can be setup using the following procedure.

  1. Submit the command WRKPTCS.
  2. From the Main Menu press F6 to Create a rule.
  3. Type STRSQL into the ‘Position to’ field and press ENTER. The ‘ST’ entries appear, including the STRSQL command.
  4. Type ‘1’ next to STRSQL and press ENTER.
  5. In the command, type ‘8’ next to STRSQL, then press F6 to create a New Rule.
  6. Press F6 again to create a new Condition.
  7. The Create Condition screen appears.
  8. For this example, place your cursor on the ‘Data Source’ line and press F4 for options available.
  9. Select *USER.
  10. Put your cursor on the ‘Operator’ line and press F4 for options and select EQUAL TO.
  11. On the ‘Compare to’ line, type the user you want to make an exception for. For this example, we will use NUSER.
  12. The final configuration is the ‘Action’. Press F11 then F6 to create a ‘New Action’ and press F4 on the Action line for options and select (for this example) *REJECT.

When activated, the rule will prevent the user ‘NUSER’ from executing the command STRSQL.

Note: For complete details, see the Command Security Administrator's Guide.

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